saying 谚语,格言More haste, less speed 欲速则不达整句话的意思是说,你在多大程度上同意或者不同意这句格言:欲速则不达.

是approved 吧是批准、审批的意思我们在制表的时候不经常有 批准 吗?就是那个

Costa rica giant ball is one of the mysteries about archaeology.Since the 1930 s, hundreds of large ball whose diameters are from two meters to tens of meters have been found.The ball was a perfect sphere, made by solid granite.They had exquisite

1. They are better off than we are.2. weep 改为cry好点吧3.身体健康 你翻译的是 身体 用health会好一些. 4.The question deserves careful consideration. 5. I think she is gaining weight英译汉1. 最后那句应该是 基本上,国际贸易与我们和国内其他人交易没有区别.

For our first ezine we went round our school to find out more about what we learn.在第一站埃济内(土耳其)我们在学校的四周转了转,希望发现关于更多我们所学习的知识.We all study these school subjects:Maths,English,Science,Music Sport,

get across 使被理解,使被接受 I am attempting to expain that the modern artist is trying to get across his personal feelings about the world around him 我试着解释那个现代艺术家正试着使他对周围世界的个人情感被理解和接受. 然后也要控制住他自己个人的感情.

the tower of london was completed in 1098 伦敦塔于1098年竣工 next to it is tower bridge,wichwas compeled in 1894与其毗邻的塔桥,1894年修建完成 it can be rised so that it does not cause probiems forshipson the thames 为了不给泰晤士河(


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