Friends 里有不少~~都很幽默~~ 我挑了一段~第一季的~Ross 和Rachel 因为猴子跑了而吵架~~那时候他们还只是朋友~~呵呵~~ 希望对你有用~~ The One Where the Monkey Gets Away Opening Credits [Scene: Central Perk, Monica enters with

1.旁白(Aside )/介绍(Introduction): Long ago there was a crazy country, in this crazy country there were some crazy people, trying to show the crazy history by crazy ways. 在很久很久以前,有个疯狂的国度住着一群疯狂的人,用疯狂的方式给人

初一就能演英文剧本,牛的很.赵本山重大转型,从无聊忽悠到关注职场骗局!长安县令原创小品《招聘骗局》 ,帮你识破形形色色招聘骗局!直面2010严峻就业形势,讽刺企业招聘中的欺骗现状!本山大叔摆脱农民形象,马老板重装上阵; 甲骨文剧本网 英语剧本剧本列表 [英语剧本]英文小品剧本 羊肉串和纳税人 张凯 11-16 [英语剧本]孙悟空vs猪八戒 未知 11-14 [英语剧本]《孔雀东南飞》(英文搞笑话

售货员:早上好,有什么需要帮助的?good moring,what can i do for you?顾客:我想给我女儿买一个礼物作为惊喜.i'd like to buy a gift for my daughter as a surprise.售货员:看看这些裙子吧,它们很漂亮.how about these skirts?they ane pretty

"Gorgeous female to strike up a conversation" ????After that day threw up blood to faint, Lin2 Tian Chen2 is make track for of Lin2 Tian Jie2 and Lin2 Tian Hao2 waited for someone to send back Lin2 Jia's villa and just also followed to come

- I couldn't sleep. - Nor I. My aunt -Yes, she was here. -How can I ever make amends for such behaviour? -After what you've done for Lydia and, I suspect, for Jane, it is I who should be making amends. -You must know. Surely you must know it was

Teacher: Makes any matter all to have to form a coherent whole, can let the human admire greatly. Student: I have understood, later I will not put the off and on series fart. 老师:「做任何事都要一气呵成,才能让人激赏.」 学生:「我懂了,以后

One day, the phone rang, and a little boy answered. "May I speak to your parents?" "They're busy." "Oh. Is anybody else there? " "The police." "Can I speak to them?" "They're busy." "Oh. Is anybody else there?" "The firemen."

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