1PositiveNegative 2StartEnd 3In the insideIn the outside 就着样了```以后有这样的问提``去参考里面翻

我所知的反义词:big and small; tall and short; fat and thin; come and go; cheap ang expensive; black and white ; far and near; like and dislike; appear and disappear; yes and know;happy and unhappy;quite and noise; quite and active; on and

big , smallyoung,oldlong,shorttall,shortnew,oldnear,farin,outbehind,in front ofabove,belowwhite,blackbring,takebuy,sellboy,girl

cold(冷)hot(热) dry(干燥)wet(潮湿)

far near

1.interesting boring2.strong weak3.bright dark4.long short5.chubby skinny6.quick dull8.hard soft9.smooth rough10.gigantic tiny11.dry wet12.beautiful ugly13.difficult cold15.happy old17.first last18.clean dirty19.nervious calm20.heavy light

Unit 1 computer(计算机) board(写字板) fan(风扇) light(灯) this(这;这个 那里) PEP四年级下册四会单词词汇表 Unit 1 computer(计算机) board(写字板)

1.dear(昂贵的)--- cheap (便宜的)2.pull(拉)--- push(推)3.full(满的)--- empty(空的)4.remember(记得)--- forget(忘记)5short(短)---long(长)6tall(高)---short(矮)7thin(瘦的)---fat(胖的)8old (旧的) --- new (新的

反义词、反义词组 1、big-small 2、large-small 3、large-little 4、tall-short 5、long-short 6、black-white 7、good-bad 8、cold-hot 9、warm-cool 10、smooth-rough 11、hard-soft 12、happy-sad 13、hungry-full 14、clean-dirty 15、open-cloes 16、

bigsmall longshort beautifulugly goodbad freebusy cheapexpensivecomego coldhot drywet hardsoft highlow therehere oldnewoldyoung rightleft poorrich rightwrong askanswer emptyfull

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