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用英语翻译“我有很多优点” there be 句型能用吗 怎么用?

1. There is a lot of work I need to do.2. There is plenty of work for me to do.3. There is much work to be done by me.

Didanyonecallyoutoday?或者Didsomeonecallyoutoday?问话人不肯定有没有人打电话,用anyone,如能肯定,用someone.有没有人打电话,强调的是'打电话',而不是'有没有人'.用therebe不妥.追问:那如果我强调有没有人的话?上面3句话哪个是正确的,there be 已经转变成过去时态后,后面的call还需要变化成calling么补充:calling 要变追问:calling在这里表示的是什么?是表示完成了的动作吗?如果there be 是一般现在时的话,

你好!我每天用半小时读英语I use half an hour to read English every day仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

有太多的事情发生在低头族身上.there are too many dangers happening on those who bow their heads on their mobile phones.

bring many benefits

I have a lot of advantages.

There are six computers broken down in our company.

他有很多优点 英文:He has many advantages.优点 英文:merit; strong point; advantage; virtue excellence ;

on sunday, a friend and i went to the park to play we had a good time. when to leave, we find that there is so much garbage around, we spent half an hour to clean up the trash before he left. although we get home late, but we were all very happy

优点:merit;strong point;advantage;virtue 每个人都有自己的 优点. Each person has his own strong points.它具有价格便宜、便于携带和易于操作的三重 优点. It possesses the triple advantage of being inexpensive,portable,and easy to operate.

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