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有一首英文歌歌词好像是“什么let me go,什么let me go男的唱的。有点低沉的歌。

Bei Maejor - Gone 我也找得够呛啊 刚找到 一定是你要找的

Home Another summer day Has come and gone away In Paris or RomeBut I wanna go homeuhm Home May be surrounded by A million people I Still feel all alone Just wanna go home I miss you, you know And I've been keeping all the letters

这是冰雪奇缘的主题曲,有很多版本,let it go 我也很喜欢哦~不然就是 艾薇儿在2013年11月5日发行的新专辑《Avril Lavigne》中和丈夫“五分钱”乐队主唱查德克罗格合作完成的一首歌.已作为新专辑的首支正式主打单曲于2013年10月15日与MV同步发行.


HomeAnother summer dayHas come and gone awayIn Paris or RomeBut I wanna go homeuhm HomeMay be surrounded byA million people IStill feel all aloneJust wanna go homeI miss you, you knowAnd I've been keeping all the lettersThat I

你确定是oh let me go 而不是Don't let me go??,发音比较相似,如果这首歌的副歌部分是重复两遍Don't let me go的话,那应该就是The Fray乐队的名曲《never say never》这首歌也是变形金刚2中的歌曲.你可以试着听听是不是.

歌名:let me go 歌手:jett joan 专辑:bad reputation (Jett-Laguna-Cordell) I walk alone with no tomorrow Woah woe yeah, I do now And there's a cause for all my sorrow Woe woe, 'cause of you now I wake up every mornin' Sad and lonely, but it

应该是Bei Maejor 的Gone吧再看看别人怎么说的.

是The Fray 的歌,叫 never say never

urn the tidesylverYou have the bravest heartThe strongest emotionsAfter all the harm I've causedYou still want my lovin'I think I've lost your loveOh baby, it's a shameBut how can I be mad at youWhen I'm the one to blameYou have the bravest

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