canned 英[knd] 美[knd] adj. 罐装的; 录音的来; 一稿数用的; 喝醉了源的; [网络2113] 罐头5261; 罐装; 被解雇4102; [例句]It was always roast lamb and canned peas for Sunday lunch.星期天午餐总是吃烤羔1653羊肉和豌豆罐头.

形容词 a. 1. 装成罐头的 2. 【口】录音的;录像的

结合上下文才能清楚呢,canned 有罐装,录音的意思.后面的 enthusiasm是热情的意思.

Canned Responsesn.(电邮的)罐装回复(功能),也称为“预设回复”,是GMail邮箱的自动回复功能.;例句:1.If you find yourself writing the same type of email over and over, use the canned responses feature in the labs to create a

group canned messages企业留言或集团留言,personal canned messages个人留言.canned可以意为”录音的“所以”canned messages“意为”录音信息“,留言吧.给个例句好理解”An Israeli company called Silent Communications has developed a system that lets phone owners pre-record a set of canned messages and then play them back via an onscreen menu.“


如果是形容人的话,有可能是大醉 canned 形容词 喝醉酒的

"Get canned" means to be dismissed from one'get fired"意思是被解雇. According to the Dictionary of American Slang, it was from &quot.通过美国俚语词典,该词是从20世纪20年代的“酒醉的”一词衍生而来的.它原来的意思包括“酒醉的或使喝醉的”;drunk" in 1920s. It meant "drunk or intoxicated"It means &quot

nd] 美[kcould 英[kd] 美[k 罐装;nd] adj. 罐装的; 录音的; 一稿数用的; 喝醉了的; [网络] 罐头;d] aux,打算; 用于假设语气的条件句; 用于虚拟语气的结论句; canned 英[k. “can”的过去式; 能够

canned motor pump意为屏蔽电泵

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