devolved[英][dvlvd][美][dv:lvd]v.转移; 移交( devolve的过去式和过去分词 ); 交给下属(或下层、晚辈等); (将工作、职责、权力、责任等)交给下属(或下层等); 1The next meeting is on 9 April, when we will be talking about

authorities[英][:'θrts][美][:'θrts]n.当局,权力,权威; 权威( authority的名词复数 ); 权力; 学术权威; [复数]当权者; 例句:1.The authorities confirm any possible matches through dna tests. 当局通过dna测试来确认任何匹配的可能性.2.Housing policy will be devolved to local authorities. 而房屋政策将会移交给地方政府.


heir[英][e(r)][美][er]n.继承人; 后嗣,嗣子; 例句 1 By1916, Yeats was51 years old and determined to marry and produce an heir. 在1916年,叶芝51岁了,想结婚了,想要个孩子当继承人了. 2 He was widely seen as Muammar Gaddafi's

【on leave】意思是【休假】.英 [ n li:v ] 美 [ n liv ]双语例句1. He is home on leave from the Navy. 他从海军部队休假回到家里.2. I see. You are on leave. 我明白了, 你是在休假.3. I see, you are on leave. 我明白了,你是在休假.4. When he

original goods原始财货,天然物品;

best of the best 当然可以,就是最好、顶尖的意思.还是个电影名字:) 但是 “精彩集锦” 用 collection highlights 更加适合英语习惯.

fall out 是名词词性,英英解释the adverse results of a situation or action. 不利的结果或影响.例句:"he's prepared to take calculated risks regardless of political fallout"他已准备好承担已知的风险,而不顾政治后果.Ed Miliband doesn't want to

co-前缀,抄表示“联合,共同”之意.如coincidence一致,coordinate同等的devolve vt.转移, 传下, [生物bai] 退化, 衰落如果是生物学du相关的话,就可以翻译成“同步退化、共zhi同退化”dao.不是生物学的话,就可以翻译成“共同转移”

There is a saying that “You can either travel or read,but either your body or soul must be on the way.” With the improvement of living standards, more and more people have time and money to travel. During traveling, one can meet various people,

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