No doubt. English is one of the world's most widely used language. As a second language, English is often necessary for business, information and other activities in a great many countries. Today, there are more and more foreigners come to our

japev.戏言;笑料;嘲弄jaupn.被溅上之水或泥;污点jimpadj.苗条的;缺乏的jupen.上衣;胸衣;女裙jumpn.跳跃;跳动;上涨v.跳越;暴涨jeepn.吉普车pujan.(印度教的)礼拜Your search for *j*p* matched 142 words in this word

How to Establish Your PrestigePrestige and impression you leave on others are very important in social affairs. With good impression and prestige, others may consider you a very trustworthy person and would like to take your suggestions and are

没有区别吧!都是表示过去发生的事或动作,平时应写成过去式. 概念: 表示过去 -d,如: lived moved decided declined hoped judged raised wiped (3)以辅音字母 + y

should schools suspend troublesome students?the news that a british headmaster Hayes has suspended students for over 478 times, dramatically improved the grades

Swimming is a kind of acrobics(有氧运动),pepole can siwm indoor ,or open door.You can swim in sunmmer,also,you can swim in winner.There are mainly five kinds of swimming ,breaststroke (蛙泳),crawl stroke (爬泳),back stroke (

过去式是用来表达动词的“过了”、“完了”,“结束了”等意思,和现在的状态没有关系. 一般过去式 表示过去的动作和状态. I met him yesterday. 昨天我碰见了他. 一般过去式构成: 表示一般过去式的动词通常用动词的过去式形式来表示

1.English around the world With the developing of economic and technology,English is more and more important,especially in communication. As everybody known,English is playing the most important role in the economic gobalization.Any country

happenhappened fallfell stickstuckbuybought teachtaught eatatestickssticked seesaw amwasfindfound dodid taketookwalkwalked looklooked stopstoppedgetgot hearheard telltoldwinwon还有许多,由于时间关系,我就不写了.

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