CET4 IELTS GRE 考 研 TOEFL CET6 proposal音节划分:proposal英 [prpzl] 美 [prpozl] n. 提议; 建议; 求婚; 〈美〉投标 复数: proposals 双语例句词根词缀同反义词1. After a three-weekend courtship, Pamela accepted

proposal [pr'pz()l] 基本翻译 n. 提议,建议;求婚 网络释义 Proposal:提议 | 建议 | 求婚

名词:求婚,提议,建议 要通过上下文内容,选出适当的中文词意.

proposal [prpozl] n. 建议; 提议; 求婚; 〈美〉投标; [例句]The President is to put forward new proposals for resolving the country's constitutional crisis总统将提出解决国家宪法危机的新议案.proposition [pr:pzn] n. 命题; 主张; 建议; v. 建议; 提议; [例句]Making easy money has always been an attractive proposition轻松赚钱总是件诱人的事.

柯林斯英汉双解大辞典legislature /ldslet/ 1.可数名词 The legislature of a particular state or country is the group of people in it who have the power to make and pass laws. 立法机构; 议会例:The proposals before the legislature

effectively 生词本 去背诵 英 [fektvli] 美 [fktvli] adv.有效地; 实际上,事实上 网 络 有效地;有力地;能有效地;实际上 双语例句 同反义词1. This effectively means that the government does not agree with the proposals. 这实际上就意味着政府不赞同这些提议.

1.greet somebody(问候/招呼)某人, greet, 及物动词,可以直接在后面加宾语,如:She greeted him with a smile. 她微笑着跟他打招呼.2.对作出反应.His proposals were greeted with cheers. 他的建议受到了欢呼.

Special sessions proposals特别会议提案Special sessions proposals特别会议提案Special sessions proposals特别会议提案

effectively英 [fektvli]美 [fktvli]adv.有效地;实际上,事实上形近词:affectively defectively affectively affectivity invectively

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