Jack likes art, because it has a lot of fun. Tom and Kate like P.E., because it's relaxing. English is Judy's favourite ,because it's not difficult.

Jack likes art because he thinks it's fun.

小题1:We should save (every drop of) water/We shouldn't waste water/Every drop of water should be saved by us.小题2:They are having lunch (at school/in the dining hall) now.小题3:She usual

小题1: Water has washed the houses away.小题2:We have to stop people from cutting down trees.小题3:The wind is blowing strongly.小题4:You'd better ride a bike instead of taking a bus.小题5:You ought to turn off the light when you go to bed.

根据所提供的图画情景、提示词,写一个与图画情景相符的句子.(满分10分)81828384 85小题1:he, be interested 小题1:he, be interested in 小题2:piano, at 8:00pm yesterday 小题3:go skating , next

1. He has taught English since 1994/for 11 years. 2. His mother told him not to watch TV too late. 3. His family watched a basket match last night. 4. Tom wants to be a doctor in the future. 5. The policeman helped her find her daughter. 答案不唯一

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