我爱你,妈妈 妈妈,你给了我世界,让我去摸世界,去听世界,去看世界,去走世界.一切的一切都是你给的.人们说,女儿是父母的小棉袄,可是我不仅是小棉袄.在春天我是一束鲜花,摆在妈妈的床头;夏天我是一个冰激凌,为妈妈驱热;

My family is very nice. My mother is a doctor,help patients become health .My father is a manager ,earn much money for our family .I am a students ,i am study hard in school. I have a sister,she is beautiful,and I have a brother,he is very naughty,.In our family,we love each other.

这么简单其实应该自己写的 There are six people in my family, my grandfather,grandmother, my father, my mother, my sister and I. MY father and my mother are workers.我父母是工人, MY sister and I are students. I love my family.我和姐姐都是学生,我爱我的家人.我觉得会少所以稍微加了两句,你自己根据需要选择即可

There are six peoples in my family,they are my father 、my mother、my two little brothers、my little sister and me.

My family I am very lucy because I have a happy family. There are three people in my family.They are Dad,Mum and I . My father is a worker .He works in a factory near our school. He likes his work very much.In his spare time, he often goes fishing.

My Family There are four people in my family, my father , my mother my boother and I. My father is a worker, he works in a factory, my mother is a teacher, she teaches in a primary school, my brother is a singer, he works in a club, I am a student, I

My family My family is consisted of six.My father,my mom,my grandpa,my grandma,my sister and me.My father and mother are farmer.And my grandpa and grandma will help us to do some things.My sister studys at high school.This is my family.

I have a happy family.There are three people in my family.They are my father,my mother and I.My father is a (你爸爸的工作).My father doesing anythings is very conscientious.My mother is a (你妈妈的工作).She likes cooking.She cooks nice

There is a prents .abrother two sisters in my family


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