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求Taylor swift 《1989》全部歌曲

专辑曲目: 1. "welcome to new york" 3:322. "blank space" 3:513. "style" 3:504. "out of the woods" 3:555. "all you had to do was stay" 3:136. "shake it off" 3:397. "i wish you would" 3:278. "bad blood" 3:319. "wildest dreams"

1. Welcome To New York欢迎来纽约2. Blank Space空格3. Style型4. Out Of The Woods脱离困境5. All You Had To Do Was Stay只要你留下6. Shake It Off通通甩掉7. I Wish You Would但愿你会8. Bad Blood敌对9. Wildest Dreams狂野的梦10. How

标准版 序号 曲名 作词及作曲 时长1 Welcome to New York 纽约欢迎你 Taylor Swift,Ryan Tedder 3:322 Blank Space 黑白交错 Taylor Swift,Max Martin,Shellback 3:52 3 Style 过时 Taylor Swift,Max Martin,Shellback,Ali Payami 3:51 4 Out of the

一:专辑《taylor swift》(泰勒斯威夫特)1. 《tim mcgraw》(蒂姆麦劳格)2. 《teardrops on my guitar》(泪洒吉他)3. 《our song》(我们的歌)4. 《picture to burn》(烧掉的回忆)5.《should've said no》(本应拒绝)二:专辑《

3styleMidnight, you come and pick me upNo head lightsLong drive, could end in burning flames or paradiseFading off you, oh, it's been a while since I have even heard from youI should just tell you to leave 'cause IKnow exactly where it leads but

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《1 9 8 9》是美国女歌手泰勒斯威夫特的第五张录音室专辑,分普通版、豪华版于2014年10月27日由大机器唱片公司发行.曲目如下:1. Welcome To New York欢迎来


1.welcome to new york 欢迎来纽约 欢迎光临纽约2 blank space 空格 空白 3 style 型 超有型 4 out of the woods 脱离困境 不再迷茫 5 all you had to do was stay 只要你留下 只要你留下 6 shake it off 通通甩掉 通通甩掉 7 i wish you would 但愿你会 只

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